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Mr. Eric Seth Atiapah

Regional Chief Manager

Regional Chief Manager

The Upper East Region (UER) historically was part of what used to be Upper Region which was in 1983 divided into Upper East and upper West Regions. The Upper Region itself had earlier been carved out of the Northern Region.

The Upper East Region is located in the north eastern corner of Ghana, which is bordered to the north by Burkina Faso, the east by the Republic of Togo, the west by the Sissala District in Upper West and the south by West Mamprusi District in the Northern Region.  The land is relatively flat with a few hills to the east and southeast.  The total land area covers about 8,842 sq. km, which is about 2.7 percent of the total land area of the country.

The population of the Region rose from 920,089 in 2000 to 1,046,545 in 2010 which shows an increase of 13.7 percent.  The 2010 regional population figure is however lower than 4.2% of the national population.

GWCL UER operates in Bolgatanga, Bawku and Navrongo townships and their environs. The population served is about 31% of the entire population of the region. Part of the remaining 69% is served by the Community Water Agency which is responsible for providing water in smaller communities across the country.

The region’s average production is about 7,100m3 per day and revenue generation currently stands at about GHC600,000.00 per month, with nonrevenue water at 38%.

Bolgatanga District

District Manager: Ms Rahinatu Ali

Location of district office: Bolgatanga

Contact: 020 617 1880, 024 418 0330

The Bolgatanga District operates a conventional system where water is extracted from the Vea dam and treated at the Vea/Gowrie treatment plant which has a design capacity of 7,200 m3/day. However, actual daily production is only about 5,500m3. In addition to the conventional system, GWCL operates 4No. mechanised boreholes which are all located in Zuarungu near Bolgatanga, the total output from these boreholes is about 400m3/day. This brings the total production figure for the Bolgatanga District to about 5,900m3 per day

The number of water connections for Bolgatanga District is 7,694 comprising of 6,142 active connections and 1,552 inactive connections.  The daily demand for Bolgatanga is about 9,000m3 while actual production is only about 5,900m3, water is therefore rationed in the district.

Bawku District

District Manager: Mr Richard Yitah

Location of district office: Bawku

Contact: 020 835 5617, 024 909 8575

The Bawku system has recently (2016) been rehabilitated and expanded under the Urban Water Project (UWP) Subsequent Year Investment Programme (SYIP). This has increased the production capacity from about 1,000m3 to about 3,730m3 per day when all boreholes are in operation. The number of mechanised boreholes were increased from 7 to 16 during the rehabilitation and expansion project. The boreholes are located within two well fields: Missiga and south. Average daily production is now only about 1,500m3/day as new customers are yet to be connected onto the new system. There are currently about 1,484 customers connected to the distribution network which comprise of 839 active customers and 645 inactive customers. This figure is set to rise following the completion of the rehabilitation and expansion project

Navrongo District

District Manager: Mohamed Bashiru

Location of district office: Navrongo

The Navrongo system which is supplied by of mechanised boreholes was recently (2016) rehabilitated and expanded under the Urban Water Project Subsequent Year Investment Programme.  This has increase production capacity from about 1,400m3/day to about 4,000m3/day when all boreholes are in operation. The new expanded capacity exceeds 2025 demand. Current production level is only about 1000m3 per day as new customers are yet to connect onto the new system.

The total No of borehole operated is 29 and the number of water connections is about 1,630 which comprise of 853 active connections and 777 inactive connections

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