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Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) is a utility company, fully owned by the state. The company is responsible for potable water supply to all urban communities in Ghana.

GWCL currently operates eighty-eight (88) urban water supply systems throughout the country. Average production is about eight hundred and seventy-one thousand, four hundred and ninety-six cubic meters (871,496m3) per day (192 million gallons per day). Present potable water demand is estimated at one million, one hundred and thirty-one thousand, eight hundred and eighteen point eighteen cubic meters (1,131,818.18m3) per day (249 million per day).

Urban water supply coverage is therefore about seventy-seven percent (77%). With a staff strength of three thousand, four hundred and seventy-six (3,476), GWCL serves five hundred and fifty thousand, six hundred and fifty-four (550,654) customers, seventy-four percent (74%) of which are metered and twenty-six percent (26%) unmetered.

Governance Structure

The Ministry of Water Resources Works and Housing is responsible for formulating water supply policy, overseeing operations of GWCL, sourcing for funding from external support agencies and coordinating sector investment plans.

Under the general direction of the Ministry, GWCL is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors which has overall responsibility for the setting of sector policies and control of corporate programmes.  The day-to-day affairs of the Company are managed by a Managing Director and two Deputy Managing Directors, one in charge of Operations and the other in charge of Finance and Administration. The three leaders are assisted by Chief Managers, 14 at the Head Office and 15 at the regional level. The 15 Regional Chief Mangers are in turn assisted by District Managers who supervise and control the 75 districts of GWCL throughout the country.

Chief Managers at the Head Office are individually responsible for the various departments they lead. These departments are as follows: Project Planning and Development, Human Resources and Administrative Services, Legal Services, Corporate Planning, Geographical Information System, Finance, Materials, Audit, Business Development, Water Resources, Water Quality Assurance, Land and Assets, Commercial and Public Relations.


To be a world class utility company


We are committed to meeting the increasing demand for better service delivery through efficient management of our core business of production and distribution of potable water and customer management in urban areas of Ghana


  • Quality and excellent customer service
  • Urgency in service delivery
  • Continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Health care and safety of stakeholders
  • High ethical and professional standards


  • Abstraction, treatment and supply of  water to urban communities in Ghana
  • Urban water sector planning and development
  • Investment planning
  • Sector financial management
  • Contracting out the design, construction, rehabilitation and expansion of existing as well as new water supply infrastructure;
  • Assets Management

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