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Association of Ghana Water Limited Engineers inaugurate leaders to oversee its affairs

The Ghana Institute of Engineers (GhIE) and the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) have established an Association of Ghana Water Limited Engineers (AGWLE).

The objective of the Association is to address engineering challenges that the company faces.

The leaders of AGWLE were unveiled at a two- day engineering conference held at the Ghana Institute of Public Administration (GIMPA) Executive Conference Center on October 2, 2023.

Prominent members of the engineering community attended this event, which sought to reshape the way engineering is practiced in the GWCL.

The newly established Association, which has 28 members, has been given the task of resolving the company’s engineering problems.

In his acceptance speech, President of AGWLE, Richard Appiah Otoo, on behalf of the other members reaffirmed his commitment to improving the company’s reputation and addressing the issues the prevailing challenges.

“True to our oath, we will work to create an environment that recognizes the crucial contributions of engineers to our organization and Ghana as a whole. Within the engineering community, we shall actively promote professionalism and excellence,” said President Ing. Appiah Otoo.

“From ancient aqueducts to contemporary space shuttles, engineers have performed amazing achievements throughout history. We are fully capable of solving the challenges of pipe leakages the others,” he added.

Mr. Richard Appiah Otoo noted that with dedication to work, they will be able to guarantee that every consumer in Ghana has access to clean water.

“I really believe that when engineers work together, we should be able to resolve the issues we currently face and develop long-term fixes. As a result, I implore everyone to use this Association as a seedbed for creative concepts in order to create resilient water systems in the era of advanced machine learning and extreme climatic variability,” he urged.

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