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There are 7 operational districts, with 2 operational Sub-districts namely; Ho, Dayi, Kpando, Hohoe, Sogakope, Keta, Ketu, Jasikan and Juapong respectively.

Water Supply Systems

  • The region operates 28 Systems. These are:
  • 4 Headworks – Kpeve, Agordome, Hohoe and Juapong.
  • 1 Spring system – Tsito
  • 23 Mechanized Boreholes

Installed Capacities

The total installed capacity of 37,585m3 per day

Major Achievements and Milestones

  • Costly electro-mechanical breakdowns have been reduced by scheduling planned maintenance activities during power outages.
  • Reduction in the maintenance cost of vehicles by acquiring the needed logistics for jobs to be carried out in the region.
  • Replacement of 1 No highlift pump and the addition of 1 No lowlift pump at Kpeve Headworks.
  • Addition of 1 No borehole at Tsito to supplement the treatment plant.
  • Refurbishment of civil structures at Kpeve and Agordome Headworks.
  • Installation of surface pump at the Lowlift Pumping Station at Hohoe Headworks as a result of frequent breakdown of the submersible pumps. Downtimes have been reduced in the process.
  • Replacement of 2 No penstock valves at the filter station at Kpeve Headworks to stop excessive leakages during treatment.