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Departmental Overview

Technology and Innovation

Responsible for providing services in relation to Metering and Instrumentation, Non-Revenue Water, I.C.T,  Research and Development as well as the Geographic framework for managing the distribution and customer care operations. The Technology and innovation Department is considered as the department responsible for driving change with respect to technological change in Ghana Water Company Limited.
Key Result Areas

  • Metering and Instrumentation / Non Revenue Water
  • Research and Development
  • Surveying the GIS environment to identify changing trends and provide solutions to meet business needs.
  • Represent the company to initiate and engage in industry-wide geo-spatial data projects to ensure Ghana Water Company is at the cutting edge of developments in the industry.
  • Set up and maintain the Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) for the company via an integrated corporate-wide GIS.
  • Security and operations regarding the Company’s Internet of things and all ICT related Infrastructure.

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Water Quality Assurance and Water Resources

Water Quality Assurance:

Responsible for developing, directing, monitoring and controlling of strategies, policies and procedures for implementing cost effective treatment and supply of potable water.

Key Result Areas

  • Develop, monitor and review standards, policies and procedures to ensure compliance with Ghana Water Quality Standards.
  • Develop, implement and monitor strategies for effective and efficient utilisation of water chemicals and laboratory equipment/consumables.
  • Conduct studies to identify emerging trends and techniques for developing cost effective methods in water quality assurance.

Water Resources

Responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring of strategies, policies and procedures for sustainable usage of water resources.

Key Result Areas 

  • Develop, monitor and review standard procedures for the operation and maintenance of the structural operating mechanisms of impounded raw water reservoirs and intake works to prolong sustainable usage.
  • Plan and implement measures for water pollution control and management.
  • Ensure availability of adequate quantity and quality raw water to meet expected production levels of potable water.
  • Collaborate with government organisations and other institutions/stakeholders, particularly Water Resources Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, to implement policies, measures, and programmes for improved access to safe drinking water through integrated water resources management.
  • Liaise with national and international organisations/institutions and other countries on shared water use for the desired common benefit.
  • Collaborate with organisations working on climate-sensitive development activities to minimize impact of climate change on access to water.

Commercial and Marketing

The department is in charge of planning, directing, controlling and monitoring activities in the areas of effective and efficient meter reading, billing and collections, arrears management, non-revenue water management, and customer relationship management.

Key Result Areas 

  • Provide direction and develop strategies and policies for efficient meter reading, billing, bill distribution, and revenue collection.
  • Monitor and review revenue performance and make proposals for improving revenue collection and achievement of targets.
  • Develop, direct and monitor the implementation of strategies for efficient customer relationship management.
  • Develop strategies and policies for credit management including the prosecution of delinquent/recalcitrant customers.
  • Direct, control and monitor billing adjustments to correct mistakes or inconsistencies in customer bills within authorized limits.

Human Resource and Administrative Services

This department is responsible for establishing and maintaining human resources management and supportive logistics systems to facilitate the delivery of the corporate strategic objectives and the expected results under the key result areas of GWCL’s core business.

Key Result Areas

  • Develop systems and programmes to attract and retain well motivated staff with appropriate skills and attitudes.
  • Establish and implement employment policies and procedures that ensure vacancies are filled at the right time by the right calibre of staff.
  • Develop and implement responsive staff training and development plan to meet the strategic goals of GWCL.
  • Develop and implement a competitive, cost-effective and performance-based reward system so as to attract and retain competent staff.
  • Establish and foster a productive and harmonious relationship between Management and staff to achieve industrial peace.
  • Provide optimum protection to enhance the security of the human and physical assets of GWCL to prevent losses.

Corporate Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Corporate Planning department is in charge of building a shared understanding of the corporate plan among all stakeholders and developing guidelines and monitoring system to ensure the timely preparation and effective implementation of the plan.

Key Result Areas 

  • Prepare annually the rolling 5-year business environment forecast to guide senior management in the preparation of annual divisional/departmental business plan.
  • Implement the internal performance assessment by the various divisions/departments and subsequently prepare the corporate evaluation to inform management decision on review of corporate strategy.
  • Negotiate annual performance targets with SEC on behalf of the company in compliance with statutory regulations.
  • Provide guidelines for the annual budgeting process to be in conformity with the corporate strategic plan.
  • Undertake periodic consumer satisfaction surveys to know the level of satisfaction of consumers of the services and products of GWCL and their problems, complaints and needs for redress.
  • Establish linkages and negotiate with relevant MDAs, the utility regulatory agency (PURC) in relation to legal and policy issues to ensure the practicability and relevance of legislations, regulations and policies.

Project Planning and Development 

Project Planning and Development department is responsible for stablishing a water sector development, investment planning, and contract management systems for works to meet the growing demand for improved service.

Key Result Areas 

  • Carry out urban water sector planning and development in consultation with the District/Municipal/Metropolitan Assemblies and Consumer Associations to ensure the development of appropriate systems and engender stakeholder ownership.
  • Prepare investment plans to ensure adequate and up-to-date water systems to meet the demand for water supply.
  • Procure and contract out the design, construction, rehabilitation and expansion of existing as well as new works in a cost-effective and timely manner to ensure adequate production and supply of quality water.
  • Manage new works/projects to ensure that specifications are met and works completed within time and budget.

Special Duties 

The special duties has the responsibility to lead in the development of business opportunities which GWCL can exploit within the context of its mandate and coordinate, support and monitor existing subsidiary business operations to ensure their financial viability and contribution to the financial sustainability of GWCL.

Key Result Areas 

  • Develop the framework of policies, programs and practices for promoting business opportunities in line with the strategic objectives of the Company
  • Identify and establish contact with new business development partners in and outside Ghana in line with the company strategy.
  • Develop performance measures and monitor the performance of subsidiary operations to ensure attainment of set objectives

Finance and Accounting

The Finance and Accounting Department is in charge of managing the company’s financial resources to ensure high returns and financial sustainability.

Key Result Areas 

  • Carry out prudent financial management practices to ensure that the financial sustainability targets are achieved.
  • Develop appropriate financial models and tools to guide financial management and investment planning.
  • Keep and maintain records of financial transactions of the Company ensuring conformity with international standards, thereby  eliminating fraud and malpractices.
  • Lead the preparation of the GWCL budget to guide annual operations.
  • Perform all functions related to treasury management, including investment of funds to ensure prudent use of resources.

Lands and Estates 

Responsible for managing the estates and lands of the Company.

Key Result Areas 

  • Develop the land and estate policies and procedures of the company.
  • Develop and implement planned maintenance schedule to achieve a clean and safe residential and working environment.
  • Undertake negotiations for acquisition and disposal of Company estates.
  • Maintain and update records/inventory/title deeds of all Company estates.
  • Acquisition of landed property and liaising with external agencies to guarantee their security.
  • Prepare and implement assets replacement plan.
  • Negotiate for leases, licenses, tenancies, way leaves, easements, rent reviews etc.

Legal Services 

The Legal Services department has the responsibility to contribute to corporate mission achievement by providing a clear understanding of the laws and regulations related to the water sector specifically and the business environment generally, and advise on compliance so as to avoid infringements, losses and penalties.

Key Result Areas 

  • Vet, advise and monitor all contracts to protect the interest of the company.
  • Ensure that the company is competently represented in law suits to protect the interest of the company and avoid undue losses.
  • Review, maintain and make accessible to stakeholders records of all laws and regulations relevant to the sector and business environment of the company to make the company responsive to its legal obligations.
  • Ensure that all properties are legally acquired and documented to avoid litigation and loss

Internal Audit 

Internal Audit department is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, reliability of financial reporting, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations so as to provide reasonable assurance that the objectives of GWCL are being achieved.

Key Result Areas 

  • Establish mechanisms to identify and deal with the risks associated with changes in economic, regulatory and operating conditions, and advise on how risks should be managed so as to achieve the objectives of GWCL.
  • Identify and capture pertinent information generated, both from internal and external sources, and communicate in the form and timeframe that enable people to use such information as input to carry out their responsibilities.
  • Monitor and evaluate management and supervisory activities and other actions personnel take in performing their duties and report any deficiencies upstream for necessary action and correction. 
  • Co-operate with external auditors for efficient and timely execution of annual audit and reporting to fulfil the requirements of statutory regulations.


The Department is responsible for providing value for money purchasing and supply services to help the company to achieve its strategic goals.

Key Result Areas 

  • Plan procurement requirements for the company
  • Procure office requirements and collaborate with the relevant departments on the procurement of operating capital assets and consumables to ensure uninterrupted operations in accordance with the Public Procurement Act.
  • Liaise with the Public Procurement Authority, Ministerial Tender Review Board and the Central Tender Review Board for concurrent approvals of appropriate tenders.

Public Relations 

The Public Relations Department is responsible for preparing and developing stakeholder and Public Relations strategies, plans and programs and implementing them to ensure the building and maintenance of good corporate image for the Company.

Key Result Areas 

  • Disseminate relevant information on policy issues of the Company to ensure consumers and other stakeholders are properly sensitized and made aware of these issues to positively influence their relationship with the Company.  
  • Establish regular communication links with other organizations and individuals, both local and external, and undertake research into the water sector with a view to optimizing the utilization of such research results for the expansion and improvement of the Company’s policies, programmes and activities.
  • Ensure that the media public is reliably and adequately informed about policy initiatives and actions to promote the timely dissemination of accurate information to consumers, communities and the general public.
  • Monitor regularly sector institutional relations and consumer relations and advise on ways to improve them to enhance good corporate image.
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