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How much does it cost to purchase a new meter?

It depends on the size of the service line or the distance

(Meters are not sold, customers pay for installation fee)

What is the direction to a nearby pay point?

Contact the call center for all directions on (08004000/0302218240)

What are the procedures of getting a new service line?

Customers should visit any nearby district office with a photocopy of their approved site plan and purchase a new service form. (Other instructions will be given at the district office).

How much is the reconnection fee?

GHC5 for domestic and GHC12 for commercial.

Is there a particular Ghana Water office around? E.g. Dome

Contact the call center for information (08004000/0302218240)

Why is my payment not reflecting?

Due to late payments or error in customer account numbers.

Wrong category of bills/ wrong address on bills.

Customers are to write officially to the district office for correction to be done on their bills


Why are the taps not flowing?

Taps do not flow as a result of major shutdown for pipe maintenance or repair works.

When will the taps start flowing?

As soon as the repair works are completed.

Why did you not inform us about the shutdown?

Announcements are made generally before shutdowns are carried out. However, if it is an emergency situation, we are unable to do so.

Do you ration the water to other areas?

Yes we do, but the company has a planned schedule for the various districts.



Can you explain the new tariff structure?

Domestic tariff (0-5000 litres=GHc2.98, then above 5000 litres=GHc5.07)

Commercial tariff (any litre consumed multiplied by GHc8.30)

Explain how the billing is done.

Ghana water company bills are done in 28 days cycle.

Why are the charges too high?

Due to the new tariff that took effect from December 2015.

Do you charge in gallons or litres?

1000s of litres


Why has the burst or leakage not been fixed?

The Company may not be aware of the problem. Report all burst and leakages found to the Call Centre on 080040000/0302218240

Do you have a standby team for night work?

Yes we do

When are burst and leakages supposed to be repaired?

Within the next 48 hours.

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